Game Processing

We are here to make your processing steps EASY and DELICIOUS.

A few notes:

* A $50 NON REFUNDABLE deposit is required for each wild animal brought in to our location (Deducted from total cost)

*We need your animal tag FILLED OUT- it MUST stay with the meat until it has reached the final destination.


Want to learn more about hunting regulations? Click here to read more on what you must do to abide by Texas state laws.


Deer Processing
Processing includes skinning, washing, cleaning, deboning, fresh cuts (steaks, roasts), grinding, cutting & wrapping.

  • Whole Skin On Deer                    $105.00
  • Deer Parts (30 lbs. or less)          $1.85/lb.
  • Deer Parts (31 lbs. or more)        $1.75/lb.
  • Boneless Ground & Wrapped     $1.65/lb.
    (30 lbs. or less)
  • Boneless Ground & Wrapped     $1.55/lb.
    (31 lbs. or more)

Fresh Processing Add-Ons

  • Tenderizing                              .75/lb.
  • Cry-O-Vac                                 .95/lb.
  • Beef // Beef Fat Added          $2.99/lb //$1.49/lb.


  • Jerky    (3lb minimum)          $4.50/lb.
  • Save Hide                                  $15.00
  • Save Shoulder Mount             $50.00

Smoke Sausage Making
Available in (50% Deer/50% Pork) OR (60% Deer/40% Pork)

  • Smoke Sausage      $2.99/lb. or  $2.89/lb.
  • Jalapeno & Cheese Smoke Sausage    $3.79/lb. or $3.69/lb.
  • Jalapeno Smoke Sausage    $3.39/lb.  or  $3.29/lb.
  • Cheese Smoke Sausage     $3.69/lb.  or $3.59/lb.
  • Snack Sticks (60/40)   3.99/lb.

Summer Sausage
Our summer sausage is made from 50% Deer 25% Pork 25% Beef

  • Summer Sausage                    $3.49/lb.
  • Jalapeno & Cheese Summer Sausage    $3.99/lb.
  • Jalapeno Summer Sausage            $3.69/lb.
  • Cheese Summer Sausage            $3.89/lb.


Note:  20 lb. Minimum per type of smoked sausage.



Fresh Sausage Making
Available in (50% Deer/50% Pork) OR (60% Deer/40% Pork)

  • Pan Sausage    $1.99/lb.  or $ 1.89/lb.
  • Italian Sausage (Bulk)     $2.09/lb.  or $ 1.99/lb.
  • Italian Sausage (Stuffed)  $2.79/lb.  or $ 2.69/lb.
  • Polish Sausage (Stuffed)  $2.79/lb.  or $ 2.69/lb.
  • Bratwurst (Stuffed)          $3.19/lb.  or $ 3.09/lb.