Company History


In 1960 John Ruffino and his wife Virginia opened the Readfield Meat Company in Bryan, Texas. They were from similar backgrounds; both came from Italian families who migrated to the Brazos River Valley to farm and raise livestock.

By 1968 Readfield Meat Company was a neighborhood full-service butcher shop and deli. They made fresh Italian sausage and many smoked products such as polish style sausage, hams, turkeys and beef jerky, all in-house using traditional recipes reflective of Brazos County’s strong German, Czech and Italian heritage. The Ruffinos provided shoppers with the highest level of value-added service by giving them premium cut-to-order meats, fish and poultry.

In 1970 After John R. Ruffino passed away, his sons Richard, Larry and Roland took over management of Readfield Meats. Their goal was to continue the precedent of exceptional value and service at a fair price that was instilled in them growing up working alongside their parents in the butcher shop.

Present day, Readfield Meats and Deli is still serving the Brazos Valley with their gourmet shop with a hometown feel.